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coupon - FlyerTalk Forums

Information Desk - coupon - how do i get the 10% coupon? Nothing productive is happening in this thread so I'm locking it. @zareatha, please send me a private message if you'd like to edit your original post and include the name of the travel-oriented business for which you're seeking a 10% coupon. chgoeditor

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Avis Discount Codes - Put AWD codes in this thread only

Planning to start from Las Vegas 8/8 and visit the mighty 5 in Southern Utah and leave out of SLC 8/`5. I have tried a large variety of codes and all have astronomical costs. Most have mileage charges and dropoff charges. The best code (b920513 Corp Leisure Rate) gave me $639 for the 7 days. No coupons stack.

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$25 off weekly coupon - FlyerTalk Forums

National | Emerald Club - $25 off weekly coupon - Request: I used to go to click on top of their home. You'd instantly see all coupons/discounts for every major, with explanation of affiliation. Suddenly, is acquired by honey!! I don't know how to see coupon codes anymore(?) National website and

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Avis Discount Codes - Put AWD codes in this thread only

Avis is offering 35% off discount specials for several airlines through the end of August Citibank, Farmers, and others have some pretty good discounts with Avis - there is a list on page 226 of this thread Reply. Jul 14, 14, 10:01 am Here's a list of Avis coupon codes and special AWD / coupon code combinations.

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20% off at Alamo plus $30 off weekly or $25 off three days

Get 20% off plus $30 off weekly at most Alamo locations. The promo says Sun Cities but it seems to work everywhere. Use contract ID 7014667 for 20% off. It seems to work for most of the year. You can combine with coupons: Use coupon code AD8192SDD for $30 off weekly (expires 8/31). Use coupon code AD5691JDV for $25 off 3 plus days (expires 6/30).

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National Car Coupon 10009232 - FlyerTalk Forums

National | Emerald Club - National Car Coupon 10009232 - Does anyone know what this coupon originates from? Coupon ID: 10009232 It's for $50 discount, but I want to know where it is originally from? Thanks!

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Your Coupon Cannot Be Applied to This Reservation - Page 2

National | Emerald Club - Your Coupon Cannot Be Applied to This Reservation - Originally Posted by kaaria I have had similar problem with the new website, when I reverted back to classic site coupons worked Problems here as well, old website, new website, doesn't matterMostly trying Entertainment Book discounts,

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Alamo Discount Codes - Page 80 - FlyerTalk Forums

Rental Car Discussion - Alamo Discount Codes - Originally Posted by AutoSlash Only if the deal allows for free cancellation. If you have to pay $50 to cancel the prepaid reservation, then it means you are leaving money on the table if prices drop (which they often do as the pickup date approaches). Even worse, if your

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Delta 15% Off e-coupon - FlyerTalk Forums

Delta SkyMiles (Pre-WorldPerks Merger) - Delta 15% Off e-coupon - I recieved an email today thanking me for flying Delta and an eCoupon for 15% off my next flight. When I try to use it, I can only get the search option for round trip and one way flights. I need to fly into one destination and return from another. It

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Avis Coupon Codes - FlyerTalk Forums

With the coupons (IME) you get dollars or days off of a rental. If you get dollars off, you still pay every daily tax/fee and the % taxes, as well. If you have a days off coupon, you usually get charged the daily taxes and then the % on those fees, but not the % on the standard daily car rate. Reply. Nov 10, 09, 7:26 pm

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