How To Cook Frozen Chicken Breasts In A Crock Pot

Invest in a thermometer, and eliminate your worries of undercooked chicken. No matter how you cook chicken breast if its internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit (75 Celsius) then the meat is 100% safe to eat.

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How To Find Coupon Codes

When I got to the “checkout” page…there it was…the little box asking for a coupon code! So, rather than leaving it blank, I went to and found a coupon code that gave me an extra 10% off my reservation! Whenever you’re shopping online, don’t leave the coupon code box or promo code box blank! You must use a coupon code!

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Hot Coupon Codes for Big Savings - The Budget Diet

Take this pledge: I will never, ever leave the coupon code box blank. Make it your mission to always find a coupon code for extra savings by getting in the habit of starting all your online shopping sprees at You’ll find out about coupon codes for extra savings plus you’ll earn cash back on every purchase!

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How to Find Hidden Amazon Promo Codes

We love bagging a good deal using an Amazon promo code. The problem is finding these elusive codes. Here's how to find hidden Amazon promo codes.

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Cut Your Grocery Bill - No Coupons Required

Apples are apples, right? If you live in the Atlanta area, sign-up for a free 14-day trial of Grocery Price Monitor, and if you love it, use coupon code: TBD2 to save $2 off the monthly membership. Avoid Packaged, Prepared Foods – It’s always cheaper and healthier to make it from scratch.

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Kohl's Cash: Everything You Need to Know - The Budget Diet

Once the price lowers, you won’t be able to use your coupon code anymore. Also remember that even though Kohl’s Cash is applied before you get to use a coupon, you only earn Kohl’s Cash on purchases after all discounts have been applied. That means that if you buy a $300 item, but get 30% off, you’ll only earn $40 of Kohl’s cash, not $50.

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50% off Gifts from e.l.f. Cosmetics - The Budget Diet

Get 50% off our Gifts category when you spend $25 or more at! This offer is valid 11/19 through 11/27 with coupon code 50HOLIDAY. Shop now! Top Gift Picks from e.l.f. Cosmetics ~~~~~~~ In full disclosure, this

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It's The Real Deal by RetailMeNot

Unlike a traditional magazine that might show you where to buy a few of the items in the article, The Real Deal by RetailMeNot shows you where to buy the item and of course, they give you a money saving coupon code! See the spring fashion trends and see the deals. Read about lotions for dry skin and discover the deals on those products.

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It's only 50¢ - A frugal living coupon lesson!

Special Offer: $30 OFF your first order at Home Chef. When you’re clipping coupons, do you find yourself saying, “why bother…it’s only 50¢?” The Budget Diet girl says treat that little coupon with respect because 50¢ can add up to BIG SAVINGS if you use it when the item is on sale. In the world of frugal living, this is know as

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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Couponing - The Budget Diet

Then, before heading out to shop, grab any coupons you want to take advantage of and off you go! If you really get into couponing and amass an even larger collection of coupons down the road, you can always switch to a more efficient method for you. Step 3: Tips for Getting the MOST Savings Out of Your Coupons.

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How to Pay Off $20,000 in Credit Card Debt - The Budget Diet

By that time, you would have paid off the original balance on the card multiple times. Now is the time to take the appropriate steps to pay off your credit card debt. It won’t be easy, though. It will take an immense amount of discipline on your part. You must be committed to cutting expenses so you can focus on paying off your credit cards.

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